Thinking Into Results


If you change your mind, you can change your results; if you change your mind you'll change your life.

Ranj Hothi

This program is designed to
help you find your purpose, your dreams, and achieve your best life. 
Are you aligned with your purpose?
Six months - to unearthing your dreams and purpose
Are you sitting there wondering is this it? 
Is there more to life than what I am currently experiencing? 
Do people ever truly find their purpose, happiness, and dreams? 
This program has helped countless individuals find their divine purpose. 
Uncover their inner dreams and desires at a much deeper level in their subconscious mind.
Work through their fears, paradigms, and the feeling that they are not worthy of everything they desire.  

Lesson One: Worthy Ideal


Principle: Goal Setting and Achieving


Benefits: Explains how to set and achieve goals that promote quantum leaps. 

Lesson Two: Knowing/Doing Gap


Principle: Return On Investment


Benefits: Most training gives individuals information on how to do their job or earn more money, but it seldom results in better results because their paradigm keeps them from acting on what they know.


Lesson Three: Infinite Mind


Principle: Productivity and Efficiency


Benefits: Individuals will replace their non-productive habits with productive habits, and become more efficient and productive in their job/business and other areas of life.


Lesson Four: The Secret Genie


Principle: Peak Performance Of Individuals


Benefits: Teaches how the mind works.  Individuals take a close look at their daily habitual actions to see where they can become more productive. 


Lesson Five: Thinking Into Results


Principle: Innovation and Proactive Thinking


Benefits: Teaches people how to think and how to analyze their thinking.  It helps them realize past results are a reflection of past thinking and to change what they are getting they have to change their thinking.


Lesson Six: Environment Is But Our Looking Glass


Principle: Creating a Winning Self-Image


Benefits: Individuals will understand that to be more productive and successful they have to change their image themselves.  They focus less on their past results and what others are doing and more on what they are capable of achieving.


Lesson Seven: Trample The Terror Barrier


Principle: Overcoming Barriers To Success


Benefits: Individuals gain an understanding of their fears and taking action in spite of those fears.  As individuals overcome their fears they become more productive and forward-thinking and realize more of their potential


Lesson Eight: The Power of Praxis


Principle: Aligning Actions and Results With The Individual's Vision


Benefits: Individuals can see the connection between their beliefs and behaviour.  When they change from non-productive to productive actions, their results can then match their vision and goals.  They create the results they are capable of creating.


Lesson Nine: The Magic Wand


Principle: The Attitude and Mindset Of A Highly-Successful Individual


Benefit: Gives a very complete definition of attitude.  Other programs may talk about the importance of having a good attitude but this lesson explains what it is and how to change it.  The result is focused on individuals that have their thoughts, beliefs, and actions aligned so that they are more productive and efficient.  They learn the way to create a positive attitude regardless of the situation.


Lesson Ten: The Most Valuable Person


Principle: Effective Leadership


Benefits: Helps individuals develop qualities of leadership in addition to being able to also be a good follower.  Emphasizes the creation of a positive environment where individuals are appreciated for who they are and the work they do.


Lesson Eleven: Leaving Everyone With The Impression Of Increase


Principle: Success Through Service


Benefits: Emphasizes giving with no expectation of return, service to others.  Individuals are encouraged to do more and give more than expected.  As a result of this lesson, individuals will look for ways to make everyone they come in contact with feel valued and appreciated.


Lesson Twelve: Magnifying The Mind


Principle: Problem Solving


Benefits: Other programs show how to make incremental changes.  This program lays out the steps for a quantum leap, leading to dramatic results in performance.  Individuals are shown ways to sustain success so they keep getting better and better at what they are doing.  Magnifying the Mind results in individuals that are focused and empowered with an unprecedented increase in performance.


Rujvinder Kaur M

This course has made a huge impact on my life. I feel more worthy of myself. I value myself.  I got my diploma for grade 12, my diploma for medical office assistant, I got my HLLQP License, I also got a job with flexible timing working from home, I got my eldest son back, I have financial freedom and abundance.  Life for me feels so beautiful.  I want to live now.  I became that hot lady I always dreamed of becoming. Dressing up as a businesswoman. I got it all. I actually am living it. Feels so good. 



Carolina J

The knowledge and practice I received impacted my confidence and attitude towards others, in my work environment, in setting my goals, I am bolder in all aspects. I am a whole new me just by completing each and every chapter, I will now take the lessons and the love I have for myself and use it on myself to grow even more. it never hurts to repeat and repeat until you truly learn the tools and become great at guiding yourself and sharing that knowledge with others. You can trust Ranj, she cares about you finding your light. One huge tip is a collaborative process though you must be willing to invest in yourself for you to grow and change. MAKE IT FUN you decide how much you want to learn and get excited about it, money will come if you believe in yourself. I have seen improvements in all aspects of my life especially in the aspect of fear- and now it's time for me to take a HUGE QUANTUM LEAP I will take it because I am worth it and I deserve it! I have grown into this beautiful new person. I will use the tools I learned to reach my ultimately exciting goals.

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Ramandeep D

My biggest hesitation to start the program was money block. My coach Ranj helped me to understand my beliefs and my relations with money. Now I understand and know my values and gifts. Doing the program with discipline and with Ranj' s coaching has improved all areas of my life. My family and friends saw a shift in me, and most of them are part of the TIR program and making a huge difference in their life. Ranj is an amazing person and a coach. She is a good listener, a good coach and she is very friendly and loving. This was one of the best investments for myself and my life. I am living my life with full potential and values. 


Are you ready to discover your purpose and find your flow? 
Where do you want to be six months from now?
My mission is to take you from a place of feeling lost, confused, and out of your rhythm. 
To uncovering the diamond within and flowing in your own rhythm, and purpose. 
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Meet Ranj
Mom, TV Host, Entrepreneur, and Success Coach
I've been so very fortunate throughout my career to be in a position to help others - guide and support people in seeing their inner beauty, find confidence and establish realities so they can create the life they REALLY want!  Whether it has been to take care of your outer beauty, your finances, or finally digging deeper to erase blocks, it is my honour to be there for you, help you map out a plan, and to cheer you on!