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You can trust Ranj, she cares about you finding your light. One huge tip is a collaborative process though you must be willing to invest in yourself for you to grow and change. MAKE IT FUN you decide how much you want to learn and get excited about it, money will come if you believe in yourself. 

Carolina J
Home Stager and Event Designer

The TIR program is very well laid out and every lesson builds on the previous one. I found myself surprised to see that the subsequent lessons were exactly where my mind was.  Having consistency with Ranj helped to maintain the flow over the weeks. I've started a new business which has always been a passion of mine.  Am planning to go full-time in 6 months.  

VP at CTO Boost, Director Startup Grind Toronto, SheEO Activator, Artist

I really enjoyed working with Ranj because she has a bubbly and magnetic personality.  She's always upbeat and this helps us stay happy from our interactions day-to-day. I foresee myself using the lessons learnt here to be used on my day-to-day practise.  I plan to continue doing the program and continue to grow from it.  If and when necessary, I'll reach out to Ranj for some guidance as necessary. 

Sarbjit S ( Sarj ) 

Sales Manager – Experior Financial Group, Inc.

My biggest hesitation to start the program was money block. My coach Ranj helped me to understand my beliefs and my relations with money. Now I understand and know my values and gifts. Doing the program with discipline and with Ranj' s coaching has improved all areas of my life. My family and friends saw a shift in me, and most of them are part of the TIR program and making a huge difference in their life. Ranj is an amazing person and a coach. She is a good listener, a good coach and she is very friendly and loving. This was one of the best investments for myself and my life. I am living my life with full potential and values.

Ramandeep D

Financial Advisor and Image Consultant

Ranj is great at walking you through to see what your paradigms are and to focus on what you want.  She is highly intuitive and knows exactly what to say and what material to have you read or listen to at the right time. Working with Ranj  I will be able to create the life I have been envisioning for many years and felt like it was just a fantasy now I realize I actually can have it and am worthy of having it! huge shift!   

Aleksandra J 

Arbonne independent consultant & Realtor

This course has been life-changing. Not only am I able to breathe without feeling suffocated by my thoughts but I’m able to enjoy the experiences from a whole different perspective. I feel that this course has shifted my approach on every matter whether it is professional or personal. I have successfully reached my professional goals and find myself consistently working towards new ones. I also feel that I have transformed my personal relationships and have created a better environment for my loved ones.

Kiran G 

EO of NJ Transport and Part Owner of Sargi

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Mom, TV Host, Entrepreneur, and Success Coach
I've been so very fortunate throughout my career to be in a position to help others - guide and support people in seeing their inner beauty, find confidence and establish realities so they can create the life they REALLY want!  Whether it has been to take care of your outer beauty, your finances, or finally digging deeper to erase blocks, it is my honour to be there for you, help you map out a plan, and to cheer you on!

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