Are You Living From A Place Of Wonderment?

Thank you to all of you wishing me well on the day that marks my birth!

Just a reflection, what a precious moment to come into this world as a soul having a human experience.

How valuable is this body!!!! How valuable is this experience?!

In this human experience we are given dominion over all species! How so? By way of our mental faculties. Everything on our bodies can be found on other animals, what makes us different is our mind!!!

In this human form, we are able to experience our truest form, liberate ourselves past our limitations and constraints and know our truest selves!

What a great day! I was born September 16th, to walk on this path to realize this truth. Who am I?

Who are you? Are you understanding your gifts? Are you living from this wonderment?

Oh the depths of what we are......go in go in to know the depths of you, it’s a beautiful journey.️

Love to you all!